I would like to order from a complete HHO YOU FOR A CAR AUDI Q5
I wonder if the system EFIE must be reset every time you start the car or on what terms are reset
ALSO I would like to SHARE WHAT TO BUY
Best regards

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Toma,

The EFIE does not have to be reset everytime you start the vehicle. In the beginning you will need to install the EFIE and there may will probably be some adjustments on the EFIE you will need make.

You do not say what year your Audi Q5 is but if it is a 2009 to 2013 we can program a FS2 HHO Chip for that vehicle. If applicable this is what most customers will purchase with their HHO kit. You can read more about the HHO Chip here.

The correct kit for your Audi is the S-7 Hydrogen Car Kit. If you can and do choose the FS2 Chip please see the S-7 Bundle.

Thank you for sharing your HHO Gas question.

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