my mpg is not changing with my hho.

by Nich Ulm

I have installed my hho on my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its producing hydrogen but my gas mileage is not increasing. What else do i need to do?

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erasing O2 sensor setting.
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,
Thank you. I like the procedure 'how to erase O2 sensor setting from on board computer'. But, every 2 years when I take car for SMOG check it has to be reset to original setting?, or it does not matter. Thanks for your tip\advice.

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Hi Nich,

You need to address your computer due to the extra oxygen you are creating. Your computer now thinks the air - fuel ratio is too lean and richens the mix incorrectly.

Please read our hydrogen car conversion. page to understand this further and see your 4 choices. If you choose a MAP Sensor Enhancer you will need a universal for the Ford, not an analog.

If you still have questions please contact us.

Thank you for sharing your question.

by: Anonymous

Try reprogramming your trucks computer codes.disconnect the negative battery cable and then the positive. Leave it off for 60minites.after ythe first 30 minites turn the key to the run position and leave it on for the final 30 mins.after the final 30 minites press the break petal for 5 seconds. Hook up the battery positive then negitive turn on your hho system and immiedatly drive it for a half hour on the highway. This will erase the orriginal oxygen sencors and should get you better mph. Jimmy

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