Stop flow of HHO

by Geoff
(Metairie, LA, USA)

What occurs if the system runs out of distilled water? Does this harm the unit? Does the HHO Chip and/or the system adapt, putting the engine back into its normal running condition, fuel economy, etc.?

Can it be turned off as desired or is it strictly on and off with the car? Not that we'd want to, but for exampe, if we run out of water.

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Hi Geoff,

If you run out of water it won't harm the unit, but it's not something you want to do.

If for some reason you want to turn the HHO system off you can do that from inside the vehicle with the master switch on the LCD Controller.

To understand more what the electronics can do please see PWM HHO page.

The FS2 HHO Chip will adapt.

Thank You

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