Mileage increases town verses highway?

by Mike Marinelli
(Renton, WA USA)

It is my understanding that the best mileage increases are with town driving, and not so much with freeway driving. I was told that the generators only produce so much hydrogen, and it can't fully keep up with freeway drivinmg. I ask because I drive 272 miles a day in a Ford Ranger 95% on the freeway.

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Most vehicles deliver better fuel economy with open highway driving, cruising at approximately 55 mpg, rather than stopping and starting on city streets. There is no difference with Hydrogen on Demand.

Our customers average 25-35% MPG increase, some do better.

The benefits of cleaning out your carbon deposits are just as important, keeping your engine running cooler, cleaner and quieter.

Feel free to email or call for more information.

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