fuel saving

by Tristan
(Folsom NM)

I have a 5.7 liter gas engine and would like to know the estimate of the MPGs I would increase?

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How many MPG more…
by: Granmar

Hi Tristan,

It is a common misunderstanding with people who wish to try HHO HOD for their vehicle and often leads to frustration.

Nobody knows exactly what sort of mileage you are likely to get!

Having said that, every ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) reacts favourably to the catalytic effect of Brown'e gas being introduced to the air intake… AS LONG AS…

THE vehicle is PROPERLY serviced and in good running order.
THE HHO system is PROPERLY installed
THE PRODUCTION of HHO is NOT TOO HIGH (new data shows that approximately ⅛-¼ LPM [liter per minute] per liter of engine size.
DEPENDING on the year, determines whether you NEED either an EFIE, or for diesel a MAP/MAF and/or an FS CHIP.

In order to better answer your question, we would need to know the Make, model, year, engine size, fuel type and any other special features before we would make a guess.

I have a 2002 2.0 liter 4-cyl gasoline VW Bora, and just completed a 15,000 kilometre trip. I saved 41.55% using a 7-plate Dry Cell running at between 4 and 11 amps. The lower ampage was after I learned about the discovery of needing a much smaller amount of HHO to achieve approximately a 90% COMBUSTION!

Unofficially, I would guess that you should be able to save anywhere from 15% upwards - that's pretty good! It could be quite a bit more!

Good Luck

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