Unplug the lone O2 sensor

by Chester
(Warsaw OH.)

I have a 1990 GMC with a 5.7 L TBI with only 1 O2 sensor downstream, right on the manifold. What if I just unplug it and leave it while running the Hydrogen cell?

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lets correct that question a bit and hope im right.
by: Anonymous

I believe he means to say, there is one 02 sensor on the y pipe and another on the exhaust manifold. Any way, will an hho generator cause the o2 sensors to read something incorrectly and cause an issues on a 1990 gmc Sierra 1500 5.0L?

by: Response From

If you unplug your oxygen sensors your computer will go into limp mode.

How can your O2 sensor be downstream of the catalytic convertor and be on the manifold?
Not Possible. This must be MAP Sensor if it is on the intake manifold.

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