MAP Sensor enhancers and EFI enhancers

by Dave Hernandez
(Melbourne, Australia)

With a HHO Kit do you need both MAP sensor and EFI enhancers or can you get away with juts the EFIE or vice versa?



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This is the hardest part about hydrogen on demand. You may have to experiment to find what works for your vehicle.

Some vehicles do well with just a MAP or just an EFIE and some want both.

What we recommend now is the FS2 HHO Chip. They are a lot easier to install, less than 20 minutes, and we are seeing about an 85% success rate. They also come with a 30 day money back guarantee, and can be reprogrammed for another vehicle for $25.00.

So, if that doesn't work then try the MAP sensor enhancer (or MAF) and or EFIE.

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