Do you need to have a OBD-2?

I have a 1993 Ford F350 7.5L 460ci gasoline powered fuel injected truck with a OBD-1 computer. Can I do this type of conversion on my vehicle? What size kit would I need? How can I get the best results for the money?

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No, you don't need to have a OBD2 computer, you just cannot use the option of the FS2 HHO Chip.

For your 1993 Ford F350 7.5L the D-7 hydrogen kit is the right kit, and the right EFIE is the Quad Digital Narrow Band.

If you want to call your order when can give you the EFIE a bit cheaper with the kit purchase.

To get the best results, you just need to install it correctly which isn't hard, and check for leaks.

You may also need to adjust the EFIE at first to dial it in correctly.

Thank You

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