hho with biomass woodgas to increase combustion

by David Campbell
(Suva, Fiji Islands)

I have not been able to find anything about mixing in some hho with my producer gas that is now about 7MJ/nM3 (low value gas) (20%CO,20%H2, 2%CH4- rest N2) and I would like to effectively raise this to a medium value of 10-14Mj/nM3- whether it raises values or not - my object is to be able to run woodgas in "off the shelf" natural gas engines thst are built to run on much higher values- the natgas are cheaper, lighter and are usually turbochrged which also helps. I don't see any of the gasification kit guys even talking about it- what's the story- I need the real dope.

Also some pointers for hho with larger diesel ship engines (up to 1,000hp??) - would help us guys getting hammered in the islands for imported fossil fuel

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