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Where can I get a catalyst that will not foam?

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by: Harold

we used 1 quart of vinegar for each set of plates,(we have 3 sets of plates)it helped immensely, then added more koh than before,with the plates in series and the pwm on about 30% the volts are about 3 and the amps are 12 to 12.5 that makes about 4 more mpg thanks for the info. if we add more koh will that do better? we now have about 2.25 tsp. of koh per each set of plates. Harold

your answer to stop foam
by: Harold

thank you i'll give it a try harold

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com


Well your not telling much here.

If you are getting foam, your solution is probably contaminated. With what I don't know, it could be from oil residue.
If your stainless steel plates are "dirty" (and it sounds like they are) you should empty your solution, disassemble the plates and wash them thoroughly. Wear GLOVES, don't touch with your hands (oil).

If that isn't possible, empty solution and try running your generator with a small amount of distilled vinegar for about 15 min.

Put in new solution.

Hope This Helps!

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