Out Board Motors

by john jaynes
(long beach,ca USA)

Out-Board Motors

I have a 1991, 175 hp yahama out board it is a 2 stroke and mixes oil and gas automatically.
Is there a way to improve gas mileage with HHO?

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by: John Jaynes

I purchase a Hydrogen Generator last year from the MILEAGE SHOP. It was installed as per instructed to the letter. The Mix of electrolyte and distilled water is ran at 20 to 22 amps.I have not seen any improvement.I have ran the perscribed amount of time to break it in or cure it as to say.Drain it and added new solution.Still no improvement.I'm not sure what to do next.Any help would be appericated. Merry Christmas.

411 on eng
by: john jaynes

Update on 2 stroke it is a 175 TXD Yahama with 3 collaborators. More help the better, every thing has to fit under cowling for water integrity.

Response From
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hi John,

Yes, I recommend for your out-board engine a Nebulyzer Hydrogen Kit with a PWM.

This is a splash proof HHO generator. You will improve gas mileage and gain torque.


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