MAF Sensor

If the HHO is being introduced to the intake downstream of the MAF sensor, why would a sensor enhancer be needed?

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MAF sensor
by: Anonymous

The MAF sensor enhancer dials down the amount of GASOLINE going into your engine. Without it your still burning the same amount of gasoline. Get the MAF sensor enhancer that you can adjust yourself. Watch out how much you turn down the GASOLINE flow. Turn it down TOO MUCH and you will lean out the fuel TOO MUCH and burn out your valves. You have to monitor your exhaust temperature. I suggest a little more research on the subject. HAPPY TRAILS

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Regardless of where the HHO gas is introduced, your ECU (vehicle's computer) will still read the extra oxygen in the exhaust and needs to read it correctly.

The sensors read it and report to the computer.

You also have the option of an EFIE and if you have an OBD2 computer, the FS2 Chip.

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