the amount of koh per litre of water

by ahmad youssef
(lebanon , beirut)

what is the right amount of KOH powder to be added to one litre of water to make a perfect electrolite

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amount in gram of koh
by: ahmad youssef

I meanif i have one litre of water how much the amount of koh in grams should i add... many thanks
ahmaf youssef

hot climate
by: ahmad youssef

dear sir
the weather where i live is between 5 c in winter and vary to 38 c in summer
in average it's 20 to 25 degree
but i need to know the amout of grams to make one litre of electrolite

how much KOH…
by: granmar

Enough to produce 1/8 LPM per liter engine capacity!

Always use Distilled Water (not tap water, 'bottled' spring water or rainwater!)

e.g. 4-liter engine needs 4 x 1/8 = 1/2 LPM.



If the air temp in winter goes below about -5°C or 23°F, then increase solution to avoid freezing.

For very cold (-30°C or -22°F) make 26% solution and use a PWM to regulate production.

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