HHO with aftermarket supercharger

by J
(Alberta, Canada)

I have a 2.5L H4 with a raptor supercharger and top mount intercooler, all without modifying the electronics. I would like to add a HHO generator to the mix. Will I need electronics to see a gain in mpg? Where do I feed the HHO to the engine? (At throttle body post intercooler / pre intercooler)

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After the Mass Air Flow sensor is best.

When you say electronics I am not sure if you mean a PWM or Enhancement.

All fuel injected passenger vehicles need enhancement. Please read hydrogen car conversion to understand this better.

All hydrogen generator kits should have a PWM. There is more than one benefit hydrogen generator) using a PWM for HHO. It doesn't matter how efficient your HHO generator is, they all warm up. If you were to run an engine for 8 hours straight, by the end of the eight hours, your generator will probably be three times warmer than when you started.

Keeping your HHO system running cool is top priority. If you don't you will start to have an array problems.

The PWM will keep your current averaged out making your HHO system run cool and smooth.

Wet Cell vs Dry Cell - Usually a dry cell, however a wet cell created CORRECTLY can be just as efficient but harder to produce and costs more.

Thank You

Please help
by: Anonymous

I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L supercharged. Ok so the feed goes into the intake...
before or after the mass air flow sensor?
Do I need electronics as well?
Wet or dry cell?

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You will inject the HHO gas into the air cleaner.

You will need enhancement with any computerized engine. I believe you have a Subaru? But, you do not say what year it is.

The FS2 Chip is what I recommend if you have a OBDII computer.

Thank You

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