HHO on a classic car

by Mark
(Torrance, CA, United States)

My grandfather is giving me his old 1965 mustang coupe as a college graduation gift and i want to know how to increase mpg on the car i'm going to install an EFI kit but i want to install an HHO kit as well but i want to know how much mpg increase will i see in the car with an HHO kit?

Currently with an EFI kit the mustang will have about 19mpg city and 22highway. The car itself weights about 2500 pounds and has 289hp

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You will save about 25% with the HHO Gas.
You don't say what size the engine is, it will either be the S-7 or D-7 hydrogen car kit.

If you install the EFI kit you will also need computer enhancement.

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