1995 ford f250 5.8L V8 windsor engine and E4OD xnsmission OBD1

by Samuel
(oxnard CA 93033)

How could i use an HHO chip with my ford truck if I only have an obd1 port? I have an efie with a H on D hho kit but i don't see any improvemnt, i had the set up almost a year now. I leaned down my efie to .28mV, anything below .250 my E4OD transmission starts getting sluggish shifting. So figured i would like to try your HHO chip for my truck but the problem is my truck is only an OBD1 port for the ECU. so how do "WE" work around this if i choose to buy your HHO fs2 hho chip???


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Hlo again
by: Sam

Hlo Gents, as i have said in my last rspnse, i will give it a few days to see if this time i will see improvemnt in my mpg by resetting the ecu by using my INNOVA obd1and2 code reader with erase feature instead of the traditional unhooking of the NEG Batt cable. Yes i am considering purchasing a MAP/MAF enhancer from U guys. The company i bought my HHO kit from JUST suggested the Batt unhook approach but it hit me at one time during my troubleshooting that maybe if i use my INNOVA code reader to reset the ecu maybe maybe it might make a difference so i tried it and run the test drive and to my surprise it worked. My current draw as of now is less than 18 amps but it seems to work better than when i was drawing 21 amps. TYVM again...yes i now believe in HHO technology..although i admit i was on the verge of loosing hope on this technology. TC Y'all


TYVM for response
by: sam

TYVM Gents 4Drply,i dont give up that easy so yesterday i used my obd2/1 code reader scanner to ZERO or REset my ECU instead of the usual "unhooking" of the neg battery cable and to my surprise when i Xperimented leaning down past 250mV and test drove my truck, the E4OD xnsmission did not get sluggish and my acceleration seems to improve and did not have hard shifting on entering the freeway. In the past i used to reset my ECU by simply unhooking the neg batt cable. I just don't understand why zeroing or reseting the ecu via the erase feature on the code reader works better. It is still too early but i will let Uguys know if i see any improvemnt with my milage,my efie works fine so i don't know yet as yet but i will update U. No problem on the fs2 if it dont work for me.


Hydrogen Generator
by: Response From


Unfortunately you don't have the option of installing the FS2 Chip, they are not made for OBDI Computers.

Hard for me to help you troubleshoot your EFIE, have you contacted that company?

If you decide to get a MAP Sensor Enhancer your Ford will need our Universal MAP Sensor Enhancer as it is frequency based.

Thank You

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