by Peter
(Lost Wages, NV)

Good morning,

I am an owner/operator of a semi looking to increase MPG.
As I have been reading through your sight extensively, I haven't seen an warranty information. There is another company that has a hydrogen generator for semis, and they offer a lifetime warranty; However, their hydrogen generator is a single unit and doesn't look as robust as yours. They are also claiming 2-3 lpm.

Comments for Warranty

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Peter,

The warranty page can be found from this link, some of our pages were being redone.

I know the company you speak of well and have spoken to many of their unhappy past customers. We have had 2 of their hydrogen generators here for testing. Not Good. In fact, last I heard they were going out of business; their supplier ending their contract?

Anyway, we usually speak to 98% of our truckers by phone, since they usually have a lot of questions. We will also have some questions as well as some options for your hydrogen kit that are not mentioned on our website.

So, please call at your convenience, we look forward to speak with you. 541-759-1090
Pacific Time Zone


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