Non Computer Diesel in Excellent Condition

by H H Hogan
(clarksville tn)

Should I expect a significant increase in fuel mileage above the 15 mpg highway I now get?


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Response From
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hello Clarksville TN,

Your diesel engine with no computer is the best candidate for hydrogen on demand. IF you are getting 15 mpg now, you can expect at least a 30 percent savings which is equals 19.5 mpg. It would not be a surprise if your mpg increases more than that.
Purchasing an efficient hydrogen generator is the key. It will lead to lower maintenance, less amp draw and a better quality of HHO gas.
Less oil changes, more horsepower and ALOT less emissions (over 50%) are other great benefits.
You didn't say what size your engine is but feel free to call us. 541-759-1090
We also have another generator that isn't on the website quite yet, that may be another option for your diesel engine.
Thank You - Tracey

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