having some problems with my cell

by kevin

hello i used 2 stainless steel spatchlers next to each other 1/4 space or smaller,the are not touching, and wing nuts on to top to connect to in a very sealed jar. have batt charger giving 10amps. negative one side positive on other, its getting very hot after 10 15 min and starts to melt plastic around connections. i ran for 45 min and had reaction in jar hole time, it looks right but not producing any bubbles in jar im connected to. what am i doing rong my email .

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by: granmar

I strongly suggest that you read more from this website, first, and then modify your attempts accordingly.

Things critical to success…

1. Distilled water
2. Either NaOH or KOH (caustic soda or potassium hydroxide)
3. Need of neutral plates between terminals.
4. Stainless steel plate-spacing crucial for good results - 1.8 to 2 volts per plate!
5. Bubbler for safety to prevent flashback from motor between generator and
engine air intake system.
6. Adequate fuses, once you install the system in a vehicle
7. Make sure that HHO production will NOT happen if the engine or
OFF or not running!
8. 10 AMPS should give about 1 LPM HHO (66.6% HH and 33.3%O)
9. Too many AMPS will boil your water and destroy your production.

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