2004 Toyta Tocoma 2.7 liter prerunner

by Don Hunt
(Riverside CA.)

How much would it cost to install and how much mpg would be gained aprox. thank you

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Don,

Installation is not something we do. We are too busy shipping product all over the globe. Most of our customers, probably 90%, install them themselves. It really isn't that difficult. You can easily hire a mechanic to do it in your area, just take them the instructions. It should only take them about an hour or so.

As far as your 2004 Toyta Tocoma, and what MPG results you will see, depends on a lot of variables. What shape your vehicles is in, how you drive, where you drive, tire pressure, how efficient your hydrogen generator is, did you install it correctly, did you address the computer correctly etc.

Some of our passenger vehicle customers have doubled their MPG, most of them fall in the 25 - 35% range.

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