Turbocharged Diesel Issue, HHO Kit

by David Donadze
(Georgia, Tbilisi)


I have a question about installing HHO Cell on my big truck, Iveco Stralis
(2002, 10.5 litre, 430 HP).
It is turbocharged diesel, so where should we insert the HHO hose, after the
turbocharger, or before the turbocharger?
The turbocharger creates great pressure, so I got pretty confused about that
issue, as I know the hose should be after the MAP,
after the turbocharger and air filter, near to the engine. So please tell us
where will it be most effective and safe to install?

Thanks, David

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Repsonse From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

You can go after the MAP as long as it is BEFORE the turbo. You will destroy your hydrogen generator.

Hope This Helps!

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