1st HHO set-up

by Jim

01 Dodge ram 1500 5.2L w/300,000mi. Want to install a 21 plate dry cell, 1.5qt reservoir, Bubbler/dryer, 55amp PWM, 40amp fuse, 80amp relay 4 prong, with all check valves, also have a volo fs2. Not quite sure on the proper hook up/schematic. The fs2 is no problem.

Some show the top hose of the bubbler connecting with a T to the PCV valve before the intake. Also purchased NaOH for catalyst, but wasn't going to use it right away. Not sure if O2 sensor extenders are needed.
Any suggestions...........Thanks Jim

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Jim,

Our customers install the HHO gas in between the air cleaner and the plenum.
As far as extenders go, NO - they do not work well at all and do not work for very long. Anyway you have your FS2 HHO Chipyou don't need to address the oxygen sensors, the HHO Chip does that for you.
If you bought this from a company, did you not get instructions?
Good Luck With Your Hydrogen Generator Project.

Thanks for sharing your question.

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