Series two jar hydrogen auto system

I was told that this system produces better results in my Ford 1982 100 series pickup. If this is true approx what could I expect the millage be per gal

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Hi John,

Well your asking what kind of MPG gains you should see from a Mason Jar set up, I really wouldn't be able to say. The mason jars are pretty old school, besides the higher maintenance factor you will also have issues with over heating. They just aren't efficient. To understand this further, read Hydrogen Conversion Kits -12 Things You Should Know.

You do not state what size engine you have, I am thinking the 3.8L? The right kit that we carry for your any engine up to 4.9 liters is the S-7 hydrogen car kit. If it is larger, then you will want the D-7 Hydrogen Kit.

You will not need any computer enhancement.

Thank You

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