Location for mounting system

1. How far can hydrogen generator be mounted from engine intake? Would like to mount generator & reservoir in bed of pickup due to restriction under hood for mounting the system

2. How corrosive is the KOH solution? Area available under hood is close to electrical connectors.
3. Does orientation mater for mounting the generator?
4 how much heat will the reservoir stand? The exhaust manifold & Turbo generate a lot of heat?

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Yes you can put the HHO system in the bed of your truck, we have semi truck drivers that put them 20' away.

The KOH is corrosive but you should fine as long as you don't have leaks. Rare

Yes orientation matters, fluid has to go into the bottom and HHO gas out the top.

The reservoir should stay away from over 100 degrees.

Thank you for sharing your questions.

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