2010 Honda Element Can I use a map maf sensor enhancer?

by Kevin Kim
(Los Angeles)


I'm thinking use map/maf sensor for my first HHO system
because, it's cheaper. ....BUT...
I'm still not sure about MAP or MAF sensor enhancer and efie, hho chip.
Is MAF or MAP sensor enhancer for old car?
New car with fuel injection and computer have to get HHO chip or EFIE for some what better?

What about o2 sensor extension selling in ebay for HHO system?

I'm thinking install HHO system for me and friends car, such as big delivery truck , new..old..etc..so I need to know.

Thank you for great web site. Contain lot of information.

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Response From
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hi Kevin,

Computer modification is needed with hydrogen injection if the car has a computer ( A fuel injected vehicle) Very few diesel engines will need enhancement. Unfortunately, the HHO Chip is not compatible with your Honda because it is a hybrid vehicle and we haven't seen a lot of success with hybrids and EFIE's or MAP/MAF Sensors either.

Yes, fuel injected vehicles have to have either a MAF or MAP Sensor Enhancer or EFIE or Both. It differs from vehicle to vehicle OR a FS2 HHO Chip. Keep in mind the HHO Chip will not work on OBDI computers.

You can read more about this on our Hydrogen Car Conversion page, where we explain the differences in your choices.

No, do not bother with O2 sensor extenders. You will only be wasting your time and money.

Good luck with building your HHO systems. An efficient generator will save you MPG and give you more horsepower and lower your emissions.

If your HHO generator is not efficient you will not see the full benefits of HHO gas or you may start off seeing them and then it will decline.

Hope this helps!

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