4 Stroke Engine to run on 100% HHO?

by Mike
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Has anyone built or adapted a small 4 stroke engine to run on 100% HHO?

I'm interested in a 150cc to 250cc carburetted engine that does precisely that without damaging itself through overheating, valve or piston burnout etc. I was thinking about the Honda GX 200 engine or something similar but I don't want to ruin it by starting with the wrong concept and unknown/untested parameters.

My aim is for the engine to power a small one-person vehicle weighing about 880 pounds (about 400 kilograms) gross at over 200 mpg.

High speed isn't my priority. 60-65 mph max. is more than adequate for my purposes although 40 mph (ish) would be the norm. Miles per gallon, power to weight and torque are the most important factors for my project.

If anyone has an answer please advise on specific engines, engine tuning refrences, additional parts sources, prices.

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