1996 Nissan RX Turbo Diesel - 2.8 Litres

by David Bode

I was hoping you may be able to help me out. I’m sending this from the Middle East where I work – but my car is in Australia.

A few months ago while back home, I installed a HHO kit in my 1996 model Nissan Patrol. It is an RX model 2.8 turbo diesel with 116,000 Kms. The local mechanics have all told me that it is mechanically fuel injected with no MAP or MAF devices. So it was just a clean HHO generator install. I do know it has an ECU. There are no O2 sensors.

I purchased the HHO generator from a supplier in the USA. I installed their model designed for medium sized 6 cylinder vehicles. The kit was complete and quite solid in construct. It produces a lot of bubbling gas which I’ve set up to enter the air intake after the air filter and before the turbo. I’ve checked for leaks – there are none. I use Sodium Hydroxide as the electrolyte & the generator takes about 25-30 amps when running warm.

The results have been very mixed – at first I got “good” results, but inaccurately from using different filling stations. When I used the same filling station (and pump), the result was quite frankly disappointing with hardly any improvement at all.

I’m wondering whether I need any further electronic additions for my model of vehicle - such as your FS2 HHO Chip?
Blog sites I’ve looked at indicate that some people have poor results with Turbo engines – do you have any views on this? I’ve seen a HHO pressure device advertised for Turbos – do you think this will make any difference?
Can you suggest anything else that I should do?

Thanks & Regards

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Mine works
by: jturboTD27

Hey there!
Don't give up, I have a TD27 (same engine) Nissan Terrano. i live in the Caribbean and have a US HHO build. Currently working my own design. I have a CCPWM only running 8amps. So far I have been getting around 28-35% better fuel economy.

Make sure that you have changed the oil, and the diesel you are purchasing is clean and not partially recycle, it makes a difference. also change your diesel filter.

I am trying to collect more data, it has been installed for a month now, definately noticed power and economy improvement. i connected the HHo line before the air filter.

Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com


We cannot program a chip for 1996, The Nissan Patrol starts at 1997.
Most diesels do not need enhancement.

We have many Turbo diesel customers, whether they see less gains than if it was not a turbo diesel honestly I don't know. ]

If your hydrogen generator is efficient and not getting hot and producing steam? It sounds like you are doing everything else right.

I don't think this was much help, but good luck with your hydrogen project!

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