Will it hurt my car?

by Bryce

I've been told that the HHO gas will cause parts on my car to rust out and go bad more quickly. Is this true? Also does the car sound different after running HHO? What are the cons of running HHO?

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Damage to cylinder walls
by: Anonymous

Will the HHO system cause the cylinder walls to wear away and other engine parts to wear out more quickly? I've read that the hydrogen gets into micro cracks and keeps exploding, causing the cracks or chips to get bigger over time. Also I've heard that the exhaust valves will rust if they are not stainless. And if you do not have a stainless steel exhaust system, it will rust out quickly? If you have a loud exhaust system on your vehicle, how much quieter will the HHO make it?

by: granmar

I would love to hear from this expert who 'told' you parts of your car would RUST!

Question: What happens to your current exhaust pipe (if it is NOT stainless steel)?

Answer: It RUSTS!

CONS: You must remember to keep your reservoir filled with electrolyte - depending upon engine capacity, about every 3 to 5 tanks of fuel used. Just a top-up! Nothing else that I can think of!

PROS: There is every probability of improving your performance from a few percentage points up, but also quieting the engine, making it smoother running, with more torque, as well as being cooler, with an increase in horsepower. The AMOUNTS of these benefits depend upon how well your vehicle's engine is tuned to start with. If correctly tuned, you should see quite good results.

Your specific question ask about SOUND! Providing that you vehicle's engine is properly tuned and cared for, including a well functioning exhaust system, you should experience a quietening result.

By an HHO system!

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