HHO generator

by Les Watson
(Victoria ,Australia)

Price in Australian $$ for a Detroit 60 series 14 litre Freight liner

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Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hello Australia,

For your 14 liter freight liner the right kit is our D-20 Hydrogen Generator Diesel Page.

It is on sale now for
$3500 US Dollar $4858.69 Aus. Dollar

Most international customers will have their own "Trucker Box" made or purchase something to protect the system, due to the extra shipping cost of the "Trucker Box."

For a quote we will need your complete shipping address and please let us know if you want the "Trucker Box." We have to communicate with our shipping company for international orders to get the best rate, so please sincere inquires only.

Our average large engine customer is saving 22% in MPG. Your emissions will be drastically decreased.

Look forward to hear from you and happy to answer anymore questions.


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