Particulate help

by jeff Vlisides
(Waterford, Mi.USA)

I have a programmer on my 5.9. will the introduction of hho help lower the particulates in the exhaust? I am more interested in the fuel savings but this would be a benefit for the public relations aspect of deisel engines.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you for the verification! I have been looking for about three years to find away to lessen the particulates without losing the 27hospital MPG the programmer gives me. If I add the Hho, I can claim it as hybrid as well AND drive through town without fear of drowning anyone.
by: Response From

Hi Jeff,

Yes the HHO gas will help immensely with your particulates from your exhaust. The motivation for
most of our customers (about 99%) is the MPG gains.

Also your engine will run cooler, thus making it last longer and you will have more torque.

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