KOH per litre of de-ionised water

by JGHB1962
(Hemel Hempstead, England)

What is the best weight in grammes for adding KOH to de-ionised water for HHO generators?

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Thanks, but....
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this information.

I purchase de-ionised water, which is 1000 time greater purity (usually between 0.5 & 2.5 microSiemens of electrical conductivity. This is the standard measurement for such, at these levels of purity. Anything above these figures, means that something has not been removed!

I also found recently that 1 US Quart is in fact, roughly 950ml or 0.95 litres. So I am gonna stick with the US Quart = 1 litre & take measure from that.

Does anyone know of any fellow Brits (Limeys/English) people on this forum that I could "electronically hook up" with to find out more about such matters our side of the Pond?

g per litre
by: Richard

I have tried 7% ie 70g KOH per litre, and 5% (50g per litre.

with the 7% I found that the plates were discolouring with the gas out put dropping off. the 5% has yielded good results - with distilled water.

the next step is to increase the plate area.



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