Adding an additional 21 plate Dry Cell Generator

by Rafael Colome
(Costa Rica)

I have a 21 plate HHO system in my RV now. I was surprised that I get about an additional 20% to 25% up and down the mountain in Costa Rica. So I was thinking that if I connected an additional 21 plate dry cell gen with a "Y" to my hose system I should pick up hopefully an additional 20 to 25%? My RV is a 1979 21 Ft class B Frontier Canadian made it weighs approx 9,800 pounds. Originally the person I bought it from only had like a 40 amp alternator on it and needless to say when I got a new 110 amp alt. it made all the difference it pulls like 12 amps or so from the alt. So what you think? RC.

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