OBD1 Systems and O2 Sensors and Volo Fs2 Chips

by Rick
(San Diego, Ca)

I have a 1988 GMC C2500 5.7L extended cab truck. I have an HHO system on the truck and it is running good. I understand that with more O2 the trucks computer will dump more fuel. So here are my questions. First will a VOLO FS2 device work on an OBD1 system? Second - Do you keep the O2 sensor in the exhaust pipe at its normal position or do you back it out with extenders to read less O2? Finally - What amps do you reccomend running an HHO unit at with a VOLO Chip?

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by: granmar

Hi Rick,

I refer you to this link (copy and paste into your browser)
It describes what WILL work and what WILL NOT work!

FYI, you should be setting your HHO production to approximately 1/8LPM for each engine liter you have. Yours is a 5.7L so you need 5.7 times 1/8 or about 3/4 LPM HHO gas.

You have an OBDC I which does NOT work with an FS2 Chip!

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