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by Harold

Hi I recently built a hydrogen generator and installed it in my car.

I used a 35amps fuse and it worked for a little wile but the plates seemed to have burned out too quickly. I used SS Spatulas to make the plates.
The water got really hot and brown very quickly.
What amperage fuse should I use and how long does the plates last? Also what am I doing wrong?

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Harold,

Too much catalyst, put a 20 amp fuse and don't run it over that. Baking soda will cause the brown sludge and it isn't a good catalyst, puts out a poisonous gas.
You should use sodium hydroxide, but VERY little. Start with a few flakes and monitor your amp draw with an amp meter.

Good luck with your hydrogen project, you don't say what size engine, I hope it is a small one.

Thank You!

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