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by Dub Perkins
(El Centro CA, 92243 USA)

I am thinking about buying a hhn cells brand hygrogen kit to my 1.8 2012 Corolla. It comes with a 3 quart tank for tht mixture, a bubbler, a genoator that averages out 4LPM at 20amps, the wiring, and a one way check valve. I will also being buying a hho computer chip from valeo. I have heard rumors that by adding a hydroden kit to your car it will increase the temperature of the vehicle and will also cause the motor to kick in the alternator more due to the extra amps needed to run the generator. I will fix the amp problem by running an amp controller, my question is can I add an Intercooler to help cool the motor off? or would that even work?

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

If you have an EFFICIENT HHO system with a good design and good ELECTRONICS you will not be purchasing a steam machine. Your engine will run cooler.

Our kits come with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)which you can easily control the amps.

With a 1.8 liter engine you should only be running about 4 - 6 amps with an Efficient System. To give an idea our semi truck drivers are only pulling 26 amps because our HHO Generators are efficient.

Too Much HHO Gas is just that. There is a "Sweet Spot" where if you put in too much HHO Gas you will start to loose MPG gains.

It is about EFFICIENCY!

Thanks for sharing your question.

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