20 psi of hho gas

What will be the best kind of bubbler for making about 20 psi of hho gas?

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100% HHO Powered car?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I want to know before buying if 20 psi is all I will need to power my car or will it just improve my gas mileage?

HHO under psi????
by: granmar

Hi, your question really concerns me!

The whole point of producing HHO is to have hydrogen-On-Demand. That means always available, but never stored, never under pressure and not produced when not wanted!

HHO gas (Brown's Gas & many other names) is H+H+O and is fed in those exact proportions into the air intake system on any ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) be it gasoline–benzine, or diesel. This is ORTHO hydrogen, which is about 3 times more powerful than PARA hydrogen, the type that Toyota, GM and other are using for their cars, yet it is very stable.

SO… DO NOT TRY TO MAKE HHO under pressure! Induction (suction) will draw the gases into the engine as they are produced.

Now, let's come to the LPM required. It has recently come to light that a much reduced amount of HHO can be successfully used to give good fuel economy. For a long time, it was thought that about 1LPM would be needed for each 1.5 to 2 liters of engine size, or, by using AMP measurement, about 11-12 AMP draw. Now, I personally used a far lesser amount on part of a 15,000 KM trip round Europe, in a 2002 VW Bora (Passat) 2-liter, 85KW (115HP) 4-cyl gasoline engine, starting at 122,588km on the odometer. The last 5,000km I did using about ¼ of this amount, resulting in a cooler production, no water recycling, and the same economy as before!

I am still analyzing the results to give a more accurate result, but, by and large, using about ⅛ to 1/4LPM HHO gas should give the same results in economy. Do not confuse the speed of the vehicle as a production factor. Only, that the faster you drive, the lower the economy of fuel.

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