HHO KIT - 1987 Mazda, 2.0 liter carburetor engine. (camper van)

by L. D. Martin
(Stord, Norway)

I like your site. I have always been impressed by Bob Boyce, and his expertise.

(1) Do you make a smaller generator for easer mounting in limited space?
(2) Am I correct in assuming that a carbureted engine can still get a 20 to 30% efficiency increase? (with your HHO kit)
(3) And that there would be no need of electronic enhancers?
(4) Complete Kit cost with shipping to Norway?

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Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi L.D.,

Thanks for your interest in our products.
No, we don't have a smaller one. Have you thought about in between your grill and radiator?

Your carburetor engine does not need any type of enhancement. Therefore we usually see better results from older vehicles. Exactly what percentage you will get no one can say for sure, there are too many variables.

If you want to contact us and give your shipping address we can tell you the shipping.
Or the beginning of the shopping cart will tell you right away.


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