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by Brad

Hi, I have a 3.2 ltr petrol Ssangyong Rexton 4WD & currently using a homemade water cell hydrogen kit. What differences would I expect using your system? My old kit asside what sort of improved fuel economy should I xpect to see with your kit? Do the units get hot like my water cell kit? I do like the look of your kits & look forward to your reply.

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The kit you want is the S-7 Hydrogen Car Kit.
The MPG gains is 25% or better, plus increased horsepower and
lower emissions.
Our hydrogen generators do not get hot, they are extremely efficient.
You do not say what year your vehicle is? If it is fuel injected you also need
a EFIE and or MAP Sensor Enhancer. We cannot program a FS2 chip for that
vehicle. Please read hydrogen car conversion to understand this better.

Thank you for sharing your HHO gas question.

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