Tuning hho input

by Marek
(Adelaide South, Australia)

I installed 31 plates hho with PWM, bubbler etc in '94 pajero 2.8 TD.12 moths later better performance, reduction of smoke but 0 increase in economy. I tried all amp/l/m settings but no difference. I am pleased with the benefits but would be nice to have some financial rewards for it

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Response From
by: Hydrogen


Kind of hard to comment on someone else's system.
But first thing that comes to mind is what are you using for enhancement?

You have an OBD1 Computer so you need either an EFIE or MAP/MAF Sensor enhancer.

All fuel injected engines must have enhancement
to allow the vehicles computer to read the HHO Gas correctly.

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Hydrogen Car Conversion

Please feel free to contact us directly for a faster response.

541-808-3946 or hho@hydrogen-generators-usa.com

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