EFIE vs o2 Extenders

(Darren )

I bought an HHO kit that came with O2 extenders.

Are the EFIEs better?

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by: Hydrogen Water Cars

An EFIE will allow you to dial in your lean settings to optimum performance.
The EFIE adds it's voltage to the sensor's voltage, which shifts the voltage that the computer receives towards rich. This causes the computer to provide less gas. Many people think we're trying to fool the computer with an EFIE. That's actually not accurate. The extra oxygen in the exhaust because of a more complete combustion is what's fooling the computer. It's making the computer think the mix is too lean, and it's compensating by adding gas that is not needed. The EFIE is un-fooling the computer. All we want to do is get it back to giving us a 14.7 to 1 air/fuel ratio again.
We have never seen any benefits from o2 extenders therefore we don't sell them.
Thank you Darren for your question.

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