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what are all the consumables what maintenance will be needed and how often i drive a 2004 gmc gasoline v8 truck and drive quite a lot wondering how often thing will need replaced

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Maintenance involves changing out the catalyst solution.
How often depends on how much the customer drives.
For example an average driver with a passenger vehicle
would be twice a year. A semi truck driver would be every
2.5 months.  Also you need to rinse the dry filters under
tap water and replace back into there housing, this keeps
them from clogging.

Easy Maintenance;

1) Mix a fresh catalyst solution, twice a year for normal drivers.
2) Replenish reservoir tank as needed. With passenger vehicles that is about every
second or third fill up of fuel.
3) Rinse Dryer Filters under tap water approximately every 3 months.

Can't say for sure how long a generator will last, we have been in business since Feb 2008 and they are still going strong. Best guess - 15 years.

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