Volo Performance Model B2 change vehicle?

by David Austin
(South New Berlin, NY 13843)

I have one of your HydroGen units I got for a 2009 Chevy 6.2L Silverado Pickup Truck. I have since sold the vehicle and want to install the unit in my 2007 Chevy Express Cargo Van. Will the FS2 Model B2 Firmware version 7.61 Volo Performance controller I have work in the Van? or do I need a different Volo Unit?

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA

Hi David,

Unfortunately no it will not.
The new chips the VP15 & VP16 are reprogrammable.
You can change them later as many times as you want, and for 99% of all other vehicles in the future.
It comes with the software to easily do this, plus there are other benefits.
Please email us directly at hho@hydrogen-generators-usa.com and we can offer you a discount as a past customer.
Thank You

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