by Brandon

I am very interested in HHO setup for my truck.

As I hear it can add power and it makes a cleaner and bigger explosion I am concerned.

The engine in my truck (Dodge 3.7L) is plagued with high ringlandings and are known to crack under extra force. Such as forced induction and NOS. How can the explosion force be compared to stock and against NOS and forced induction?

Second, what would a complete proper kit cost for my truck? And what size tank would be needed? I currently get 22mpg and I would like to see close to 30mpg.

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Brandon,

There will be no affect to your engine. We are not putting in that much hho gas to make an explosion, it is not needed.

The right hydrogen kit for your Dodge 3.7L is the S-7 hydrogen kit, unless you are hauling heavy loads, then I would get the D-7 hydrogen.

To ge from 22 MPG to 30 MPG is obtainable.

Thank you for your hho gas question, please let us know if you have more questions.


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