High Altitude Driving???

by Richard


I'm going to be driving through Colorado and up to 10k elevation. If I used hydrogen on demand for these higher levels do you think that I would still need to get an enhancer to adjust the oxygen levels or do you think that it would level it's self out at those elevations.

I'm living in AZ now. My thought was that if it produces more oxygen and I'm in the mountains where there is less oxygen it would actually even it's self out. Any advise would be great.

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Thanks for the reply
by: Handy

Well it was worth a shot. I will be getting a EFIE asap. Thank you again.

Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com


I understand your logic, but no. I think you may be under estimating your vehicle's computer.

I would get an FS2 HHO Chip.

Thanks For Sharing Your Question.

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