2005 chev durmax

Do I need a map or maf sensor enhancer for my truck? And how many leaders a min do I need?

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05 duramax diesel
by: Anonymous

I have a 05 duramax too, and am wondering about same question. Do I need a specific program to use your gen? Duramax is a diesel, and currently I have installed a Diablo Predator chip set to 80 hp. THanks, Jim

Response From
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Concerning your 2005 Chevy Duramax

I am assuming this is a gasoline engine.
You have several options to address your vehicles computer for hydrogen on demand. Which are discussed on this page Hydrogen Car Conversion.

I would recommend the FS2 HHO Chip, it is set it and forget it and we are seeing good results.

As far as how much HHO gas, we recommend 1/4 to 1/2 liter per minute per engine liter size. There are different qualities of HHO gas. You didn't say what your engine size, I think it is probably a 6.6(?) If so then, 1 1/2 to 3 lpm.

Remember not to get hung up on lpm, you want an efficient generator.

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