Hydrogen System Maintenance

by Isander Agosto
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

1-How do I maintain the system, and how frequent?
2-How long is the specking life of the stainless steel plates?
3-We live in a Tropical Island and the average temperature in the summer is 90 to 95 Fahrenheit degree. Do will recommend a cooling system?


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Hytrogen System Service
by: Trinity Miller

Vehicle maintenance will give a better mileage with low emission to the owner. But yes the hydrogen cars are currently on road to help to reduce the emission and give stable environment choice. Thanks for these inventions we do have now so many ideas to reduce the green house effect .

Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com


Maintaining the system includes filling of the reservoir with distilled water when running low.
Also depending on how much you drive a year, you will need to replace your catalyst solution at least once a year.

Our rugged 16 gauge stainless steel plates are designed to last many years.

You will not need a cooling system with our hydrogen generator kits. They are in a lot hotter places than your tropical island and running fine.

Thank you for sharing your questions.

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