koh ratio to distilled water ?

by simon
(Liverpool. uk)

Hi do I have to mix koh by equivalent weight ??

So if 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo (1000 grammes)...
Then what weight of koh should I start with and what is the maximum percentage I should run with ?
I have a 16 plate cell with 4" diameter contact area per plate...
Its. On figured in series- parallel based on up to 14 volts from the car alternator.
So I have 6 neutrals making 7 spaces at circa 2 volts.
Assembled as:
I have 3/8 barbs and hose feeding both sides at the bottom intake - branched into 1
I have the same at top for the hydroxy output, so all 4 holes are utilized.
I have single 10mm bottom intake hole in all plates (hexagonal), and 3 hi horizontal 10mm holes at top for gas dispersal ... But just the center hole tapped through the 15mm plexiglass "sandwich".
I,m testing with a 12.6 volt charges leisure battery until I do my car install.
I have relays, fuel inertia safety switch, reset 30amp breaker, inline backup fuse, ccpwm, efie and new sensors and controls for the iat, CTS and map sensor on my 1996 car.
I have inline check valve, flashport on my scrubber and 10 guage (4mm) tri-rated wiring to go.
I'm making a control box with amp/volt and digi temp meters with a resevoir float and warning led lamps plus it will be wired via the oil-pressure switch circuit on a relay for safety.
I think I've covered most things but i' m not sure of the electrolyte mix...
Can you correct/advise where I am going here please ?
Many thanks

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