by Jim D'Amico
(New Jersey)

I notice the systems all point to fuel injected autos.

I have a carb. V8 in a 72 El Camino with a 307.

I don't see a reasonable hook up for the air cleaner. It is an open air cleaner.

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Checking safety options
by: Jim D'Amico

Also does a How well does the stainless plates hold up.Also can they be changed to Titanium,and they don't need any caustic material.Also does it need a separate cooling system to be more efficient.I'm just checking all the options.

by: Response From

Hi Jim,

For hook up HHO gas in, just inject it anywhere on the intake.

The D-7 Hydrogen Kit is the right kit and you do not need any enhancement. You should see very good results with your carburetor engine.

Thank You

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