HHO Burner

by Archie Tateson
(Brooks Alberta, Canada)

I have several 25 million B.T.U. burners that run on diesel, propane and natural gas. I use this equipment for heating water for the oil industry. My heater burns 150 plus gallons per hour. Is it possible to lower our cost on fuel by mixing HHO? We have a 75 Kva gen. set on board to run our units.

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It is Possible with little Alterations
by: smmohsin09@gmail.com

Yes you can do this by little alterations in your burner and boiler. You can get almost free HHO gas from the combination of wind and solar power source and HHO Dry Generator. Use vertical pipes passing through boiler. remember do not give HHO heat directly touching metal because its heating is so high that it can melt almost every Metal. So fire shall be parallel to the heating pipes.This will surely reduce your cost to 80%.

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