Have these conversions been done on a Volvo?

by Carl
(Edmonton Alberta Canada)

I have a 2004 Volvo XC70 that I would like to explore the possibility of adding a generator to. Any info, a parts list and costl

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Volvo 5-cyl
by: granmar

Happy New Year

Yes, I have installed a DC 3.0 Dry Cell (up to 4 LPM) generator on a 2011 Volvo 2.5 5-cyl gasoline engine. Results, with an EFIE fitted were about 28% savings WITHOUT tweaking the EFIE. We ran at 1.5LPM, using about 17 amp draw from the battery. The owner said he is very happy.

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by: Response From

Yes we have had lots of Volvo customers. We don't keep a database of every customers vehicle, sometimes we don't know what they are being installed on.

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